Pokemon Rutile Ruby and Star Sapphire [Download]

Pokemon Rutile Ruby and Star Sapphire

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Pokemon Rutile Ruby and Star Sapphire is a Pokemon ROM that was developed/Created by Drayano (Original Creator).


The narrative of Pokemon Rutile Ruby and Star Sapphire closely mirrors that of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, albeit with some noteworthy modifications. As the player character commences their adventure in the Hoenn region, the primary objective remains to gather eight gym badges for eligibility to enter the Pokemon League.

Throughout the journey, the player must thwart the plans of Team Magma or Team Aqua, preventing the awakening of the Legendary Pokemon Groudon or Kyogre. The stakes are high, as these actions aim to avert impending chaos and maintain peace in the region.

Pokemon Rutile Ruby and Star Sapphire present players with a heightened level of challenge, featuring substantial modifications to the original game. Notable changes encompass increased difficulty across gym leader, Elite Four, and Champion battles, with tougher Pokemon and improved AI intelligence.

The game introduces a roster of new Pokemon, accompanied by the addition of Mega Evolutions for existing Pokemon, amplifying the diversity of choices available to players. Furthermore, a focus on balanced moves and abilities enhances strategic gameplay, ensuring a more engaging and dynamic experience.

Complementing these changes is the introduction of new items, contributing to an enriched and immersive journey for players seeking a fresh and challenging adventure in the Pokemon universe.


  • New Pokemon Additions:
  • Explore a plethora of new Pokemon seamlessly integrated into the game.
  • Witness the introduction of Mega Evolutions for existing Pokemon, expanding the available choices.
  • Increased Difficulty:
  • Face tougher challenges in gym leader, Elite Four, and Champion battles.
  • Encounter stronger Pokemon and more intelligent AI, putting your strategic skills to the test.
  • Improved Graphics:
  • Enjoy an elevated visual experience with enhanced graphics, providing a more immersive and enjoyable gameplay.
  • Balanced Moves and Abilities:
  • Experience a refined gameplay balance with modifications to the moves and abilities of Pokemon.
  • Enhance your strategic approach and overall gameplay equilibrium.
  • New Items Introduction:
  • Immerse yourself in an enriched experience with the introduction of new items.
  • Elevate your journey and gameplay with these additions tailored to enhance the overall player experience.

Trainer Changes

  • Gym Leaders:
  • Encounter revamped gym leaders with entirely new teams featuring different Pokemon, movesets, and levels.
  • Experience added diversity as some gym leaders now wield types distinct from their original counterparts.
  • Elite Four:
  • Navigate through a transformed Elite Four, where new members join the ranks with varied teams and types.
  • Witness an altered challenge as Elite Four members present different levels and movesets compared to the original game.
  • Champion:
  • Prepare for a surprise as the Champion is replaced with a new character boasting a distinct team and moveset from the original game.
  • Trainers:
  • Engage with a multitude of trainers throughout the game, each featuring new teams, movesets, and levels.
  • Discover added complexity as some trainers now possess Pokemon of different types than their original counterparts.
  • Battle Frontier:
  • Explore the newly added Battle Frontier, introducing fresh trainers with diverse teams and types for an enhanced challenge.
  • Storyline Trainers:
  • Follow an enriched storyline as encountered trainers undergo transformations with new teams and movesets.
  • Mega Evolution Trainers:
  • Experience heightened battles as trainers, previously without Mega Evolutions, now wield these powerful enhancements seamlessly integrated into their teams.

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