Pokemon Quetzal (Latest Version)

Pokemon Quetzal GBA ROM

TypePokemon Emerald
VersionAlpha 0.6.9
Updated OnMay 31, 2023


Pokemon Quetzal Multiplayer is a multiplayer adaptation of the beloved classic, Pokemon Emerald. In this version, you have a choice of 11 different starter Pokémon, and you can engage in Pokémon battles with your friends.

This GameBoy Advance edition offers an exciting multiplayer experience where you can explore the expansive Hoenn region with up to three other trainers. You can engage in battles, trades, and create lasting memories together as you journey through the Pokémon world.


  • Pokemon Quetzal Multiplayer support (local and online) for 1 to 4 people
  • Subsequent Pokemon
  • You can choose between 44 different starters
  • You can choose the number of Pokémon that accompany you (0-6).
  • Choose between 6 playable characters: Brendan, May, Gold, Red, Ash and Gloria + 7 more characters in v0.6.4 (Elio, Lucas, Rei, Steven, Rocket Grunt, Magma Grunt & Victor)
  • Single, double, and multiple battles against other players from anywhere
  • Trade with other players from anywhere
  • Fight in co-op mode (fight together against the other trainers in double battles)
  • Spectator mode: You can watch the game with other players (and fight alongside them)
  • All Gen 1-3 Pokemon are available without the need to trade with other games (including Legendary Pokemon)
  • Use HMs outside of combat without having to learn them
  • Adjustable gloss rate

What’s New!


  • In this version of the game, legendary Pokémon are hidden throughout the world. When you find, defeat, or capture them, they will appear in the Snorlax cave.
  • To transition from the old version to this one, open your PC and save the game by using the in-game menu at a Pokémon Center.
  • Although Chase and Elaine appear as playable characters, they cannot be selected due to some animation issues.
  • New legendary Pokémon have been introduced and are hidden in the game. If you find the most legends, you can win a prize by joining the game’s Discord community.
  • Please be aware that the game may have significant bugs, so it’s a good idea to make backup copies of your progress.

Pokemon Quetzal v0.6.9 (New)

  • Scheduled transformation from fused necrozma to ultra necrozma
  • All legendaries (1 gen to 8 gen) can now be captured in normal mode (except Arceus)
  • New HIDDEN legendaries in the game:
    • Zacian, Zamazenta, Eternatus (still can’t transform)
    • Glastrier, Spectrier, Calyrex (still can’t get the item to fuse them in normal mode)
    • Regieleki, Regidrago and Regigigas


  • Some hidden legendary Pokemon changed their location and requirements

Bug Fixes

  • When merging Pokemon they didn’t forget characteristic attacks (calyrex is still bad)
  • Fused Necrozma did not learn signature attacks
  • Move Z from Ultra Necrozma froze your game



  • New legendary HIDDEN in the game:
  • Type Null (can’t get discs yet).
  • Cosmog.
  • Nihilego, Buzzwole, Pheromosa, Xurkitree, Celesteela, Kartana, Guzzlord, Stakataka, Blacephalon, Poipole.
  • Necrozma (items to smelt are not obtainable yet).
  • Magearna (this is also the original form).
  • Zero.
  • Meltan.
  • Zarude (this is also a given form).


  • Cosmoem evolves into solgaleo and lunala by evolution stones.
  • Meltan evolves by level.

Bug Fixes

  • When merging pokémon, the status change was not calculated.
  • Rockruff’s normal ability bugs when evolving into twilight form.
  • Some conditions of legendary Pokemon were wrong.




All credits: https://pastebin.com/ncvkGPQJ

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