Pokemon Naruto Shippuden Advance Ninja Showdown Download

Pokemon Naruto Shippuden Advance Ninja Showdown Rom

CreatorNaruzuna X
TypePokemon FireRed
Versionv1.02 (Completed)
Updated OnMay 10, 2020

Pokemon Naruto Shippuden Advance Ninja Showdown Rom is a Pokemon ROM that was developed/Created by Naruzuna X (Original Creator). The current version of the ROM is ‘v1.02 (Completed)’ which is based on Pokemon FireRed. The ROM was last updated on ‘May 10, 2020’ and the new version is yet to be rolled out.


In Pokemon Naruto Shippuden Advance Ninja Showdown, your goal is to catch characters from the original Naruto Shippuden Series instead of Pokemon. Your task is to collect them all.

The storyline is similar to Pokemon FireRed, but with elements that tweak certain aspects of the story while staying true to the original. Expect entirely new characters and locations, combining some features from FireRed with unique Naruto elements.

The game stands out with special sprites and animations that fit the Naruto theme. Backgrounds and settings are altered to resemble the Naruto universe more than traditional Pokemon games. Currently, there are around 70 Fighters, each with distinct types, following Pokemon’s strength and weakness charts. While some item names are different, their functions remain the same.


  • Over 70 playable Naruto characters
  • Japanese / English strikes according to the anime
  • Some new skills from Gen 7
  • Transformation into battle (Mega evolution)
  • Some map changes
  • New items
  • Altered weaknesses and advantages (Electric now has an advantage against Earth type, Wind is weak against Fire type)
  • Ninja boots (bicycle)
  • Increased difficulty
  • Bonus: 5 Ninja Fusions (Narusake, Hinakura, Jiroychi, Saidori, Kobashi)

Known Bugs

  • Be aware of occasional visual bugs or glitchy text in the game.
  • There’s a chance of hitting yourself during Mega Evolution, so use it cautiously.
  • Always keep extra Ninja on your team for double battles to prevent potential crashes.
  • Mega Evolution only functions in double battles if your Ninja is in the 2nd slot.
  • Watch out for potential bugs with the NPC clearing the ticket in Pallet Village; if it happens, try renaming the ROM.
  • Save your game regularly to avoid potential bugs or random crashes, although they are rare.




Naruzuna X

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