Pocket Monsters Scale x Fang [Download]

Pocket Monsters Scale x Fang GBA ROM

TypePokemon Emerald
VersionDemo v1.0.2
Updated OnJanuary 01, 2023


Two decades ago, a group of fierce creatures wreaked havoc in the Ohkai region. They nearly reached Valenta City, the main capital, before mysteriously withdrawing. Fast forward to today, a powerful company called XACCESS has revolutionized technology and healed the once-devastated Ohkai region.

Our main character receives a personal invitation from XACCESS to join their special group, the “Task Force.” This team handles various exciting, incredible, and confidential missions. However, some people in Ohkai don’t trust XACCESS, causing conflicts and bringing them face-to-face with the Task Force.

Simultaneously, XACCESS holds many hidden secrets. What is this corporation concealing? What are the motives of those in rebellion? And why did the dangerous creatures suddenly vanish all those years ago?


  • New Story and Setting:
  • A completely new story breaking away from the traditional Pokémon formula.
  • Explore the Ohkai region, a fresh and unexplored territory in the Pokémon world.
  • Custom Soundtrack:
  • An original soundtrack with many new songs created specifically for the game.
  • New Pokémon:
  • Introduces many new Pokémon, including evolutions for existing Pokémon.
  • New Moves and Abilities:
  • Features new moves and abilities to diversify the gameplay and strategies.
  • Simplified Pokémon Raising:
  • Removes IVs and nature stat boosts, simplifying the process of raising and training Pokémon.
  • Revophone:
  • A versatile in-game device for playing music, making calls, and more.
  • Improved Battle Engine:
  • Enhancements to the battle engine to align with the latest Pokémon generations.
  • Revamped UI Elements:
  • Complete revamps of UI elements throughout the game for a more intuitive and appealing interface.
  • Optional Exploration:
  • Many optional areas to explore, including honey trees, berry trees, and more.
  • Player Customization:
  • Decorate your in-game apartment with a variety of interesting items.
  • New Transportation:
  • Ride a Moped to traverse terrain in a different and exciting way.
  • Poké Pager:
  • Your Pokémon can destroy objects without needing specific HM moves, thanks to the Poké Pager.


v1.0.2 (2023.01.01)

– Mystroll, Gigantroll moveset changes
– Fix Mama Judy healing bug
– Encounter rates lowered throughout the game
– Repels now buyable at the Pokémon Center after first visit to Mellow Meadow completed
– Revives now buyable at the Pokémon Center after visit to City Sewers completed
– Fix collision of flower in Valenta City
– Fix collision of cliff in Mellow Meadow (south)
– Fix visible border in Topglace Tundra
– Fix incorrect Swimmer sprite on sunbed at Lockshore Beach

v1.0.1 (2022.12.30)

– No longer check emulator on boot, so you can play with any emulator including VC injects
– Fix ‘XACCESS OFFICCES’ mispelling on desk
– Fix shop sign collision



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