Pokemon Flux Download (Latest Version)

Pokemon Flux RPGMaker Game Download

CreatorPkmn Flux
VersionEpisode One (v1.0.1)
Updated OnMar, 5, 2023


Altera, a region rich in both resources and danger, is the center stage for an extraordinary adventure. This unique land boasts an abundance of Pokemon Flux energy, a powerful resource utilized for electricity and various technologies, and even in intense Pokemon battles. The widespread use of Flux energy fueled rapid economic growth, but it also gave rise to a new peril: Alter Pokémon, empowered and formidable creatures.

To safeguard Altera from the menacing Alter Pokémon and maintain its prosperity, the Altera Pokémon League was established. This league aims to produce skilled trainers capable of combating these enhanced Pokemon. Trainers who excel in these battles are rewarded not only with fame but also with monetary gains. The League attracts aspiring trainers from around the globe, offering a distinctive challenge compared to the traditional Gym format.

After a thrilling championship match in Pokemon Flux Condor City, three friends find themselves confronted by the Alter Pokémon threat. Their encounter catapults them into a life-changing journey across the breathtaking Altera Region. The trio must navigate challenges, grow in strength, and ultimately contribute to preserving peace and prosperity in this extraordinary land.


In this thrilling adventure, Pokemon Flux unveils an array of groundbreaking features that redefine the traditional Pokemon experience. A novel battle mechanic called Flux Moves and Alter Battles takes center stage, injecting excitement and strategy into every confrontation. The extensive Pokedex boasts both new Pokemon and beloved ones from various regions, enhancing the diversity of encounters.

Altera’s vibrant world is brought to life through overworld encounters, featuring Pokemon with unique behavior patterns and emotions, offering a rich and immersive experience. The exploration is further enriched by a wild-area-style route layout, bidding farewell to linear maps and embracing freedom.

The conventional gym structure is replaced with a fresh league design, allowing trainers to progress through a distinctive journey, deviating from the typical fangame approach. The visual aspects of the game receive a major upgrade with dynamic lighting, providing realism to light sources, caves, forests, and more. The weather effects are also revamped, enhancing the overall aesthetics.

Moreover, the online integration offers a multitude of features, including trading, the GTS (Global Trade System), wonder trading, battling, and beyond, enabling an engaging multiplayer experience. Time plays a significant role in quests and encounters, influencing various aspects of the game, making the passage of time within the game world an exciting element without the need to adjust the device’s clock. Pokemon Flux promises an immersive and innovative adventure that will captivate fans in this bold evolution of the classic Pokemon formula.


  • Added DiegoWT to the credits list
  • Fixed Vilucard’s overworld not rendering
  • Added shiny overworld sprites for Ledyba, Wishiwashi, Trubbish, and Vilucard
  • Added menu sprite for Alteran Ekans
  • Decreased exp boost for traded Pokémon
  • Removed forced modest nature from Nidora
  • Fixed player getting stuck in Gatehouse doors
  • Fixed bug with Karmilarie’s Power Thief ability
  • Fixed issue where shiny overworlds would not render on alternate forms
  • Fixed issue where battle sprites of shiny Pokemon would not render as such
  • Fixed NPC in Rook Center whose dialogue didn’t change after the power was restored
  • Fixed exploit where Rare Candies would allow the player to surpass the level cap
  • Removed broken Name Rater function from Mart NPCs, as player can rename from the menu
  • Fixed multiple tile/collision errors
  • Fixed overlong description on Siren Song which overflowed the text box
  • Fixed Future Sight
  • Fixed mkxp.json
  • Fixed Cuspide being banned from GTS
  • Fixed GTS crashing when player had too many spaces in their party
  • Removed Item PC
  • Fixed the HFMs showing the wrong base power in their descriptions
  • Fixed rival remaining in Noola’s Tavern once the Power Corridor quest is activated
  • Fixed generator entrance not cooling after venting coolant
  • Fixed fishing encounters in Alba Woods
  • Changed naming sequence so that backing out gives the character’s default name rather than the player’s name
  • Fixed Spelotl and Salamancer not learning Water Pulse by TM
  • Fixed Sludge animation causing an error loop that would force a crash
  • Fixed Nurse dialogue playing directly after walking into a building if the player whited out before Condor
  • Fixed soft lock in gatehouse north of Rook Town where you would be unable to move after talking to the guard if standing above the table
  • Fixed soft lock in Rook Power Plant where electricity would not clear after turning off the voltage / defeating the Alter
  • Fixed bug where dialogue would re-trigger after satisfying its initial conditions (like giving you an item)
  • Fixed Tail Whip’s targeting so it no longer hits your Ally.
  • Added extra animation/SFX to the Nursa “hug” option
  • Multiple dialogue fixes
  • Fixed missing pixels on Tanscure’s front sprite
  • Fixed occasional load crash
  • Fixed a crash with certain follower dialogues
  • Fixed movement error that allowed walking off the boardwalk in Albarook Mine
  • Fixed the shiny icon’s misplacement in the GTS
  • Fixed GTS rejecting mons who were traded once and then evolved
  • Fixed Eggs revealing species in Continue screen, Trainer Card
  • Fixed an occasional GTS crash
  • Fixed a disposed bitmap error that would occasionally appear after defeated Alters
  • Shifted threshold of happiness checker’s messages so the evolution point is clear
  • Many more small fixes and improvements


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JV – Lead developer
Oripoke – Lead writer and spriter
Futuresushi – Game balancing and new moves/abilities/etc
Golurk – Pokémon and character designer/artist
Jumpluff – Music composer
Kyledove – Spriter
Blizaga101 – Spriter
DrTapeworm – Spriter
Antiant – Sprite animator

Complete Guide: How to Play Pokemon Flux

To play a Pokemon Flux RPGMaker game, follow these steps:

  1. Install the Game:
    Install the game file from Pokeglaze or the official source.
  2. Extract the Game:
    Use a file compression program like WinRAR or 7-Zip to extract the game from the compressed file.
  3. Install RPGMaker RTP:
    Download and install the RPGMaker RTP (Run Time Package) from the official RPGMaker website. This includes necessary game files.
  4. Run Pokemon Flux:
    Double-click the game’s executable file to launch the game after installing RPGMaker RTP.
  5. Enjoy the Game:
    Start playing and immerse yourself in the world of this fan-made Pokemon RPGMaker game.

Have a great time exploring the Pokemon Flux world!

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