Pokemon Team Magma Edition [Download]

Download Pokemon Team Magma Edition GBA ROM

CreatorDr.Joe & Lord Otto
TypePokémon Emerald
VersionBeta 1.1
Updated OnApril 15, 2022


In a region torn apart by three competing factions, each fervently advocating for their unwavering ideals, you are a young and idealistic trainer aspiring to join Team Magma. Driven by the belief that advancing mankind is the key to a better world, you are eager to align yourself with this faction. However, hope for a better world is a double-edged sword, as diverse individuals channel their aspirations into various directions—whether on land, in the water, in the sky, or beyond. People relentlessly pursue their dreams, often at the expense of others, all in the pursuit of their utopia.

Welcome to this complex and morally challenging world. Upon joining Team Magma, you step into the underworld of Hoenn. Here, you quickly realize that notions of right and wrong blur into a stark divide between the weak and the strong. In Pokémon Team Magma Edition, you have the chance to climb the ranks of Team Magma, employing whatever means necessary—be it cheating or stealing—to help make Maxie’s vision of a perfect world for humans a reality.

As you navigate Hoenn’s three-way conflict and witness the toll it takes on the population, you will dig deep to uncover the truths behind Team Aqua, Team Magma, and a mysterious team predating their time. Delve into the secrets of Devon Corp and Hoenn’s government, unraveling the hidden forces shaping this tumultuous landscape. The journey you undertake is filled with moral dilemmas and unexpected revelations, offering a glimpse into a world where the line between hero and villain is blurred. Are you ready to explore this challenging and thought-provoking adventure in Pokémon Team Magma Edition?


  • A stealing system that allows you to take Pokemon from trainers you defeat
  • Custom soundtrack
  • Features from Dizzyegg’s Battle Engine
  • Numerous quality-of-life improvements
  • Many side quests

Changelog Beta 1.1

  • Most grammar and spelling errors have been fixed
  • Any sentence with … will not have a space because its a character wasted and Comet doesn’t like wasting space when Otto writes such long speeches
  • Pokemon will not be spelled with the ` over the e. It takes time to do that and Comet has enough to type as is
  • All reports involving the e in Pokemon and the … will be ignored/deleted as will be any other grammatical errors that are similarly trivial or space/time-saving
  • The bookcases will all have something to read, however, not all of them are in the game at the moment
  • Dialogue for NPCs and trainers may be incomplete (anything plot-relevant is in)
  • Map issues have been fixed
  • All reported issues with the Briney sidequest should be fixed (report if you are still finding errors)
  • The issue with Stern’s Shipyard should also be fixed
  • Talking to Mr. Stone should not crash the game anymore
  • Fixed the Desert music playing on Route 111 when not in the desert


Download Pokemon Team Magma Edition ROM


Dr.Joe, Comet, Lord Otto, TNT, Jacko, Sureleyyy, KitKat Bar, Obihugzenobi, Cardigan

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