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TypePokémon Emerald
Updated OnAugust 13, 2016


Pokémon CAWPS, a game that takes a different approach, akin to its predecessor, Pokémon Outlaw. Pokémon Outlaw, known for its mature themes, was designed for an adult audience and presented a darker and more unconventional take on the Pokémon experience.

In Pokémon CAWPS, the story unfolds in the Hoenn region where you step into the shoes of a young individual pursuing a career as a Police Officer. This Hoenn is a departure from the familiar one portrayed in Pokémon R/S/E, presenting a society that reflects a more realistic, albeit somewhat erratic, perspective.

While Pokémon CAWPS aims to maintain a similar style to Pokémon Outlaw, it’s important to note that efforts have been made to tone down and avoid crossing certain lines that were pushed in the earlier game. The intention is to create a game with a darker atmosphere but with a more restrained approach, considering the sensibilities of the audience.

For those who enjoyed Pokémon Outlaw, Pokémon CAWPS offers a similar experience with its unique storytelling and mature themes. However, it’s acknowledged that this style might not appeal to everyone, and the game is specifically crafted for those who appreciate the darker and more adult-oriented take on the Pokémon universe.

Thank you for the heads-up and the consideration for potential players. If players enjoyed Pokémon Outlaw, they will likely find Pokémon CAWPS to be an intriguing and engaging experience.

WARNING: Like Outlaw, this game would likely get at least a T (if not an M or worse) on the ESRB rating system. Also, there is a lot of violence, death, and other things described/depicted in this game. If you’re uncomfortable with that, this game probably isn’t for you.


  • You get two starter Pokemon, so to speak. (You choose one, the other is simply given to you.)
  • “Funny” dialogue (or really offensive, you know how it goes if you’ve played Outlaw). But honestly, it’s not the same as Outlaw. I’ve cooled down a bit.
  • Grinding Cave (a cave for grinding levels, very important at the end of the game)
  • No gym challenge or Pokemon league (I’m sick of the same old scheme, I’m mixing it up).
  • You can be a fucking cop, that’s great! (I think the idea came from that awfully funny movie ‘Let’s be cops’ or maybe Rush Hour, I don’t know). That means you can do all sorts of cop stuff.
  • Female protagonist option – not really a feature, but for me, it’s an achievement. I’m usually too lazy to put in a female option. I’ve realized that there’s a decent number of women hanging out on these forums (some of you guys are hot, call me I’m single) so I should stop being a woman-hating pig. I’m just patting myself on the back. As a result, the “story” attempts to be gender neutral.
  • Trade Evos are made from moonstones. And Eevee evolves into Umbreon with Moonstone and Espeon with Sunstone. Also, you can buy stones in the Lilycove Dept Store, which you couldn’t in Pokemon Emerald. Not really a feature, but whatever.
  • Not really a feature either, but I made the Move Rock smash stronger. It always bothered me why Rock Smash was always so weak. So I made it a decent move in this game.


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