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TypeRPG Maker XP
Versionv2.0 (Completed)
Updated OnDecember 12, 2022


Venture into the dark and mysterious Inferno region, where everything is colored in black and red. Follow the story of Fang, a determined teenager seeking revenge, as he uncovers unsettling truths about the world and its people. Get ready for deep thinking and lots of introspective moments in this shadowy world.


  • A rich and well-crafted plotline.
  • A diverse and multifaceted region to explore.
  • Highly intricate and thought-provoking characters.
  • Over 45 unique Fakemon (fake Pokémon).
  • Thought-provoking moral choices.
  • NPCs (non-playable characters) provide valuable information at times.
  • Character portraits to enhance the storytelling.
  • A game experience without TMs or HMs (Technical and Hidden Machines).
  • The ability to use the Alt key to speed up your gameplay.

New Features

  • Over 20 new Fakemon creations.
  • Adjustments to the game for better balance.
  • Upgrading the game to Pokémon Essentials version 20.
  • Expanding the Pokédex to include Generation 8 Pokémon and more.
  • Expanding the postgame with additional NPCs offers valuable insights.
  • Introducing the Bell Tower, a new combat facility.
  • The introduction of a new status condition, adds exciting gameplay elements.


Pokemon Edge Rising Download


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