Digimon Emerald Project

Digimon Emerald Project GBA ROM

TypePokemon Emerald
Versionv2.0 Completed
Updated OnSep 12, 2022


  • Over 350 new monsters, each with unique stats, abilities, typings, and movepools created from scratch.
  • No more filler Pokémon, meaning that every monster has a purpose and relevance.
  • Prominent Digimon can have up to five or even six stages of evolution.
  • Custom moves inspired by the Digimon franchise.
  • Digidex entries provide criteria for evolution, making it easier to understand the evolution process.
  • Convenient shop data to enhance your gameplay experience.
  • Improved HM moves, making them more useful.
  • Additional features such as an EV/IV checker, up to Gen VII abilities and moves, reusable TMs, deletable HM moves, the introduction of the Fairy type, the Physical-Special move split, Poison Survival, the BW Repel System, and more.
  • Minor dialogue tweaks for improved storytelling.
  • Dive is now available as a TM.

Known Glitches

No game-breaking glitches so far. There are a few graphical glitches that can lead to certain awkwardness/hilarity.

  • When meeting Steven in Sootopolis, he takes you on a magic walk-though-walls trip before finally dropping you off in the Cave of Origin. Again, completely graphical and doesn’t harm the progression of the game. Certainly looks funny though.
  • Sometimes Cyberdramon will pop out of a rock after you Rock Smash it. Its catch rate is 0, so don’t waste Pokeballs trying to catch it.
  • Poyomon will evolve into all sorts of wacky things when given DigiEggs. PGE won’t let me edit this for whatever reason so there’s nothing I can do.
  • I haven’t edited the postgame AT ALL. So don’t bother checking out the Battle Frontier unless you feel like entering Glitch City lol.


  • 5/25/2022: Version 2.0 – Definitive complete version. Dex is now at 352. HM moves are now deletable. A few bug fixes.
  • 5/8/2022: Version 1.1 – Every Digimon now has a signature move. Also a few minor bug fixes.
  • 4/9/2022: Version 1.0.3 – Daycare no longer allows breeding, fixed some Typing issues for attacks and a few mons (“Cool type,” lol). some catch rates have been improved, some Mons have been given better Abilities, etc. Minor fixes like that.
  • 3/27/2022: Version 1.0.2 – Patched a few bugs, all signature moves have custom animations now, and item pickups are actually useful
  • 3/18/2022: Version 1.0.1 – Waterfall now obtainable (next to Juan in the gym)
  • 3/16/2022: Version 1.0 initial release




Any Cheat codes?

Don’t know! Maybe try some out and get back to me?

Why only 350 Digimon? Other hacks have a much more complete dex.

I appreciate your dedication to quality in Digimon Emerald Project. It’s clear that you’ve put a lot of effort into ensuring that every Digimon in the game not only fits within the 64×64 box but also looks good and maintains a high level of consistency. While there might be a few challenging sprites along the way, your commitment to delivering a clean and visually appealing experience for players is commendable. Quality is indeed a vital aspect of any project, and it’s great to see your focus on achieving it in your Digimon ROM hack. Keep up the excellent work!

Why am I still playing as Brendan and May? Shouldn’t I be Tai or Sora?

I see the distinction you’re making between the Digimon and Pokémon worlds, particularly in how Tamers interact with Digimon compared to Pokémon Trainers with Pokémon. Your approach of having Digimon inhabit the Pokémon world and adopting a narrative structure similar to that of the Pokémon games provides a unique twist and makes the project more accessible to fans of both franchises.

By maintaining the familiarity of the Pokémon world, you allow players to explore and enjoy the Digimon universe within a framework they’re already comfortable with. This approach can enhance the overall gaming experience and create an exciting fusion of two beloved worlds. Best of luck with the Digimon Emerald Project, and I hope it brings enjoyment to fans of both Digimon and Pokémon!

Can you add in ____mon in a future update?

That sounds like a great way to involve the community and expand the range of available Digimon in your project. Allowing users to contribute their sprites or express their preferences for Digimon inclusion can make your project even more engaging and diverse. It’s a wonderful way to encourage collaboration and ensure that the fanbase is involved in shaping the game. Keep up the fantastic work, and I wish you success with Digimon Emerald Project!

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