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Updated OnJuly 25, 2023


The typical Pokemon game has a set format: start with a Pokemon from the professor, catch wild ones, conquer Gym Bosses, defeat the Elite 4, and aim to be the Champion. Legendary Pokemon might also come your way. But today, I present something distinctive—the Pokemon Pathways project. Initially crafted by two enthusiasts, it’s now a community effort. It’s our debut game, and we had a blast creating it. We hope you enjoy playing it. Let’s dive in without any more delay!


In Pokemon Pathways, your choices play a crucial role. The outcomes, much like real life, are shaped by what you decide and do. Your character’s abilities and capabilities are determined by vital stats:

  • Intelligence: A measure of your intellect, essential for advancing to higher ranks and unraveling mysteries.
  • Strength: Represents your physical prowess, allowing you to move objects or overcome physical challenges.
  • Charm: Reflects your appeal and charisma, influencing success in interactions and encounters with Legendary Pokemon.
  • Skill: Gauges your aptitude as a Pokemon trainer, impacting the variety of wild Pokemon and Trainers you can engage with.

Your energy levels dictate your daily actions, and sleeping rejuvenates you for the next day. Interactions influence the game’s time of day, and your reputation, shaped by your choices, affects how NPCs interact with you. Perks from winning Club activities are permanent, enhancing your gameplay. Bonding with fellow students and managing your academic responsibilities in the schooling system is crucial. Saving is restricted to specific points, prompting you to consider your choices, as there’s no going back without forfeiting progress. You can have multiple save files, allowing you to explore diverse outcomes without losing your main progress. Enjoy the journey in Pokemon Pathways!

What has Changed

July 15, 2023 | Pokemon Pathways Alpha 7.3 | Fixes/Changes

  • A new role, Master Necromancer, has been introduced, adding an exciting element to the gameplay.
  • Contributor Yukine has been included in the Academy Pokecenter, enriching the in-game experience.
  • Move tutors for Toxic, Frustration, and Return have been placed in strategic locations, allowing players to enhance their Pokemon’s moves.

Various fixes have been implemented to enhance gameplay and resolve issues:

  • Addressed a bug where waking up after the B-rank graduation cutscene resulted in the same day’s repetition.
  • Fixed errors linked to specific moves like Fishious Rend and Bolt Beak when used by AI.
  • Resolved a critical crash issue related to starting with Rowlet as your Pokemon.
  • Corrected Pokedex code for the D-class exam, enabling progression.
  • Fixed instances where players got stuck due to obstacles in certain areas.
  • Addressed battle theme initiation and battle partner issues for specific characters.
  • Rectified dialogue and battle inconsistencies for a more seamless gaming experience.

These fixes ensure smoother and more enjoyable gameplay, providing a better overall gaming experience for players. Enjoy your adventure in the Pokemon world!

May 11, 2023 | Pokemon Pathways Alpha 6.6.1 | Fixes

  • Resolved a battle crash issue related to FireEater’s battle, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.
  • Fixed Darkinium Z and Buginium Z, addressing any related glitches or problems.
  • Corrected the progression of classes after graduating, maintaining a logical gameplay flow.
  • Rectified Aerodactyl’s presence in Dragon’s Den, ensuring it fits the storyline appropriately.
  • Fixed the behavior of shopkeepers in the Student Lounge, enhancing the shopping experience for players.
  • Addressed perks associated with the Student Lounge, making sure they function as intended.
  • Eliminated crashes during battles involving characters like Hyun and Cassandra, allowing for uninterrupted gameplay.
  • Fixed the availability of Gyaradosite in Dread Plateau, making sure players can access it as intended.
  • Made slight adjustments to the Battle Week entrance, refining the overall gaming experience.
  • Improved player running sprites for smoother animation and visuals.
  • Replaced question mark overworld Pokemon sprites with invisible ones, avoiding any inconsistencies or confusion.
  • Adjusted floor field encounters, ensuring a balanced and engaging encounter system.

May 6, 2023 | Pokemon Pathways Alpha 6.6 | Updates & Fixes

  • Increased overall game difficulty, making battles more challenging and engaging.
  • Revamped player and mentor sprites for a better visual appeal.
  • Overhauled Akiza’s sprites to improve their appearance and alignment with the game.
  • Added items and special encounter Pokemon to most floor fields, enhancing exploration and rewards.
  • Introduced mine rocks in select floor fields, adding an additional interactive element to the game.
  • Student Lounge Chef now offers terrain seeds on Fridays, enriching your options for strategy.
  • Expanded the Student Lounge shop’s item selection, unlocking more choices as you progress in classes.
  • Added new outfits like Rocket Grunt, Magma Boss, and Next Generation Outfit for you to obtain and customize your character.
  • Optimized game saving by eliminating unnecessary multiple backups upon closing/starting the game.
  • All contributors now reward a Megastone after defeating them for the first time, adding a rewarding element to battles.
  • Introduced a new contributor named Fyre; challenge and battle Fyre at Pixie Island once you achieve S-Rank.
  • Provided after-battle week battles for contributors Arc, Shinu, and Barret, offering additional exciting battles.
  • Implemented expert roles for KNIGHT, NINJA, and BEAST TAMER classes, allowing for further specialization and strategy.
  • Adjusted abilities for Beast Tamer, replacing Ball Fetch with Synchronize for a more balanced gameplay experience.
  • Corrected base stats for Pheromosa to ensure accuracy and balance in battles.
  • Fixed team compositions for Mr. Bee and Mr. Cee, providing a fair and enjoyable battle experience.
  • Enabled proper display of stats when calling a mentor on the Pokegear, aiding in strategic decisions.
  • Adjusted game progression, ensuring that fossil Pokemon are obtained after your starter Pokemon.
  • Enabled players to return a Rampardos to the Marowaks and an Aerodactyl to the Vullaby in Riverside Road, fostering interactions and quest completion.
  • Ensured Hisuian forms for all Pokemon in Max Raid Dens, adding variety and interest to gameplay.
  • Replaced Dynamax Adventure Mixed Adventure with Random Adventure, adding a fresh element of unpredictability to your adventures.
  • Fixed issues related to class locking, character spawns, and various gameplay elements, enhancing overall stability and enjoyment.


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NOTE! If you’re updating the game and not wanting to start a new game, make sure you save in the Pokemon Center! By doing this, you will prevent mixing compiled data from older versions to your new game!

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