Pokemon Wally Quest v1.1 [Download]

Pokemon Wally Quest GBA ROM

TypePokemon Emerald
Updated OnMay 14, 2023


Dive into an exciting Pokémon game with a cool battle system and a story inspired by the games Emerald and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. You’ll follow Wally, a determined character, as he explores the Hoenn region, makes friends, and tries to save the world. Along the way, you’ll face challenges, meet interesting characters, and discover hidden story secrets. This game is all about catching lots of Pokémon and completing your Pokémon collection. Whether you’re new to Pokémon or a pro, you’ll enjoy the fun adventure and battles. Join Wally on his journey to become the ultimate Pokémon master and save the day!


Step into an alternate world through this ROMhack, where Wally takes center stage as the main character.

  1. Expanded Pre-E4 Plot: Delve deeper into the story before facing the Elite Four, with an extended narrative that unfolds up to level 85, providing more challenges and excitement.
  2. New Rival/Antagonist: Encounter an additional rival or formidable opponent who adds a new layer of competition and intrigue to the game.
  3. Delta and Post-Game Adventures: After becoming the Champion, experience exciting post-game “episodes” involving Delta Pokémon and further adventures, adding to the gameplay and offering new challenges.
  4. Side Quests for Pokémon Unlocking: Engage in side quests designed to unlock additional Pokémon, enhancing the “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” adventure element.
  5. Tweaked NPC Dialogues: Interact with non-player characters featuring adjusted dialogues, including daily egg and berry givers, as well as the professors, adding depth and realism to the gameplay.
  6. Exploring What-If Scenarios: Explore intriguing what-if scenarios inspired by questions from the mainstream games, such as the potential outcomes if Maxie and Archie had utilized the correct Orbs, the mystery behind the meteoroid heading towards Hoenn, and the undisclosed message Wally’s dad intended to share after Wally’s fifth Gym victory.


Battle-Engine Features:

  • Physical/Special Split: Differentiates moves as physical or special based on their nature, enhancing strategic gameplay.
  • Mega Evolution and Z-Moves: Unleash the power of Mega Evolution and execute formidable Z-Moves to gain an advantage in battles.

Enhanced Battle Dynamics:

  • More Double Battles: Emphasizes double battles, making Gym Leader and E4 rematches, as well as specific boss fights, and thrilling double-battle encounters.
  • Balanced Stats: All Pokémon possess “perfect IVs,” ensuring optimal stat potentials for a fair gameplay experience.
  • NPC Opponents Challenge: NPC opponents are equipped with EVs and natures, providing a challenging gameplay environment.

Training and Leveling:

  • Gym Guides for Fast Leveling: Gym Guides offer battles to expedite leveling, aiding players in efficiently leveling up their Pokémon.
  • EV-Training NPCs: Unlockable through side events, these NPCs assist in efficient EV training for strategic stat building.
  • EVs for Contest Conditions: Implement EVs as a key factor in meeting Contest conditions, enhancing the importance of strategic training.

Convenience and Quality of Life:

  • Ability Changer: Accessible in Devon after the 5th badge, allowing players to alter their Pokémon’s abilities for improved customization.
  • Soft Level Cap: Introduces a soft level cap to maintain balance and prevent overleveling, ensuring a challenging experience.
  • Various Quality-of-Life Improvements: Enhances the overall gameplay experience through various quality-of-life improvements for smoother and more enjoyable gameplay.

Evolution Modifications:

  • Unique Evolution Paths: Tailor unique evolution paths for various Pokémon to add an element of surprise and discovery during the gameplay.
  • Altered Evolution Levels: Adjust evolution levels and methods to provide a fresh and unpredictable evolution experience.

Nuzlocke-Friendly Gameplay:

  • Dynamic Nuzlocke Experience: Ensure the game is Nuzlocke-compatible by allowing for diverse encounters and experiences in each playthrough, enhancing replayability.
  • Adapted Challenge Rules: Adjust Nuzlocke challenge rules to accommodate the soft-level cap, offering a balanced yet challenging gameplay experience.

Story-Driven Gameplay:

  • Incorporated Story Points: Design the storyline to necessitate having more than one Pokémon in the party at specific junctures, encouraging diverse team compositions.
  • Meaningful Character Arcs: Craft engaging character arcs for Wally and other key figures, adding depth and immersion to the storyline.

Additional Gameplay Elements:

  • Diverse Battles and Challenges: Incorporate a mix of friendly and challenging battles, providing a balance of difficulty for a more engaging gameplay experience.
  • Soft Level Cap Integration: Integrate the soft level cap seamlessly into the game, ensuring it impacts battles and strategy, enhancing gameplay depth.


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