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Updated OnSeptember 12, 2022


Esoteria is a peaceful region. You, the protagonist of this story, follow the path that most trainers do – collecting the 8 badges and facing the Pokémon League Champion.
As you continue your journey, you’ll notice a weird bunch of people trying to… artificially create bonds between Pokémon and Trainers. Would something like this be alright?
What is this Realidea System they keep talking about? Is it something everyone should get a hold of…?

Go find out where investigating Metis Corp. will lead you, alongside your new friends!


  • Fakemon starters and a new legendary mon. A few regional forms.
  • Animated battle sprites, clean battle UI
  • New characters with their own mugshots (while not present in the main story, there are some official ones, too!)
  • Lots of secondary content can be accessed through completing Quests during the adventure. Some bigger quests are unlocked after the game
  • 8 Gym Badges to get and of course a Pokémon League
  • Plenty of QoL features (speed up, dialogue skipping and textlog keys, backup saving, evolution method checking while on the summary screen, free move reminder, and nature changing in the party menu…)


Pokémon Realidea System Download


Can I play this on Android using Joiplay?

Yes, but please use this versionof the app!
Before opening it, long-press the game icon, select ‘Edit,’ and change ‘MKXP-Z’ to ‘RPG Maker XP’ wherever it appears.

How long is this game?

Playing through everything can take about 40 hours. Main story should be around 30 hours depending on your playstyle of course.

What are some codes I can give to the dude in the Pokémon Center?

“Nuzlocke” allows to set any Pokémon’s level to the highest of your team.
“joiplay” will automatically skip mouse minigames.

What to do with bugs?

As long as they’re not translation-related, please feel free to leave them below or the official Twitter account!

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