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Pokémon Photonic Sun & Prismatic Moon 3DS Rom Hack

TypePokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon
Updated On12th June 2021


Photonic Sun and Prismatic Moon are like upgraded versions of the Pokémon games Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. They make things a bit easier for players. You can catch and train any Pokémon you want without much hassle. In these games, most Pokémon learn new moves as they level up, and they can evolve without needing trades. It’s faster to hatch Pokémon eggs too.

The trainers you battle and the wild Pokémon you encounter are set up to give you a good challenge and make your Pokémon stronger. These hacks let you use any Pokémon in various battle modes, making it more fun. There are two versions, Rebalanced and Standard, to suit different play styles. So, you can dive into an improved Pokémon adventure and choose the version that suits you best!


This iteration of Luminous Dawn or Chromatic Night introduces an array of alterations to Pokémon stats, types, abilities, and moves, empowering previously weaker Pokémon. Some of these transformations draw inspiration from ROM hacks like Drayano’s Blaze Black and Volt White, and Luuma’s Altered Emerald, but the majority are derived from my earlier creations, Eternal X and Wilting Y. Here are the notable enhancements:

  1. Swiftened Alola! Tsareena, Vikavolt, Decidueye, and numerous others now boast significantly heightened speed stats.
  2. Kommo-o has reacquired Shell Smash, now accessible to players, providing strategic advantages in battles.
  3. Golisopod now gains Shell Shell as a secondary ability and masters Razor Shell upon evolving, enhancing its combat prowess.
  4. Ariados’ signature Toxic Thread has been enhanced to not only poison the opponent but also decrease their Speed, Defense, and Special Defense.
  5. Water Pulse has been amplified to a base power of 80, granting Ice-types crucial type coverage and strengthening Mega Launcher-equipped Pokémon.

Furthermore, this Reformed edition introduces five novel TMs with substantial impact on gameplay:

  1. TM59 can now impart Sucker to a diverse range of Pokémon, including many from subsequent generations who missed out on this move’s tutorship.
  2. TM60 now educates Aura Orb to any Pokémon capable of learning Focus Blast, expanding their tactical repertoire.
  3. TM67 can now teach the art of rock climbing to various Pokémon; additionally, it has been imbued with the rock-type property, synergizing seamlessly with abilities like Sheer Strength and Tough Claws.
  4. TM79 can now instruct Freeze Dry to any Ice-type Pokémon boasting a base Power of 95, bolstering their offense.
  5. TM100 resurrects the classic Curse TM from the golden and silver eras, harkening back to the original, compatible with all Pokémon trainable with TMs.

Lastly, the Reformed rendition encompasses several of the most impactful movepool revisions from Pokémon Sword and Shield, incorporating those introduced later via Pokémon Home.


If the changes in the Rebalanced version don’t appeal to you, but you still want to try the hack, this version of Photonic Sun or Prismatic Moon is for you. It omits the Pokémon and move changes from the Rebalanced Version but retains all the hack’s other features, including access to egg moves by leveling up, and the fix to Golisopod’s Razor Shell mentioned above.
Note that Pokémon captured in this version will NOT be legal for online play, but their offspring will be, provided they don’t learn any egg moves they didn’t have when they hatched. I wouldn’t suggest going online with the hack installed, and while transferring Pokémon bred in the hack to Pokémon Bank should be fine, you do so at your own risk.

Difficulty Changes

Photonic Sun and Prismatic Moon completely overhaul the game’s difficulty, giving new tools to both the player and their opponents:

  • Unlike the base games, average trainers will commonly have more than one Pokémon!
  • Rising Stars, Ace Trainers, and Veterans will be a cut above the rest and should be expected to put up a bit of a fight.
  • Important characters will eventually (not immediately!) be packing full teams of six, complete with held items, beneficial natures, and custom EV spreads.
  • Totem Pokémon have new auras, new allies, and new or improved strategies!
  • Easy, early access to Ability Capsules allows players to switch their Pokémon’s abilities at will.
  • Modified in-game trades provide useful items and stronger Pokémon, right when you need them.
  • Pokémon can be EV-trained with zero grinding! EV reduction berries are available cheaply at the Thrifty Megamart; using them to remove unwanted EVs occasionally will eventually get you the stats you want.
  • All TMs are available before defeating the Elite Four! The post-game TMs are very expensive, but they can be purchased in Tapu Village if you want access to them earlier.

Catch’em All

Even though there are now over 800 Pokémon, they have all been carefully placed throughout Alola to ensure that each of them is found somewhere that makes sense. And, much like the base games, Photonic Sun and Prismatic Moon offer players a few unusual team-building options, including very early Ice-Types and access to low-level Mythical Pokémon via USUM’s Island Scan feature – they’re a little broken but very fun to use! Additionally, all Legendary Pokémon that were previously version exclusive can now be found in the Ultra Wormhole in both versions of the game (except the Cosmog line; Cosmoem will evolve into the opposite version’s cover Legendary instead).


Download Pokémon Photonic Sun & Prismatic Moon


  • Kaphotics, SciresM, and contributors to pk3DS: For creating pk3DS, which was used to edit almost everything in the games. Still the most important tool in making a 3DS Pokémon hack!
  • Maël Hörz: For HxD, which was used to do the few things pk3DS couldn’t (though it can do most of them now anyway).
  • Mucrush: For the Sun and Moon font used in the title image and some documents.
  • Kaphotics, walnut3072, and contributors to this thread: For doing all the actual work involved in editing the Battle Tree ban lists.
  • Everyone who gave me feedback on Eternal X and Wilting Y: I learned a lot from all of you, and I hope that will be reflected in these hacks.

Finally, any and all feedback is welcome (especially bug reports!), as are any questions related to the hack. Thanks for reading!

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