Pokemon Sacred Gold [Download] (Latest Version)

Pokemon Sacred Gold Version Download

Creator Drayano
TypeRemake of Pokemon Fire Red Omega
Updated On————-


The storyline in these ROMs mirrors that of Heart Gold and Soul Silver. There are no significant alterations to the plot, allowing players familiar with the original games to navigate through the adventure with prior knowledge of the journey and objectives. The familiarity with the original storyline enables players to progress according to their understanding of the game, following the path and actions they already know.


Before delving into the details, it’s important to note that there are two versions of these games: the classic version, an older one when the Fairy-type wasn’t introduced, and the complete version, which incorporates all updates and enhancements.

In the complete version, various aspects have been modified, including the lineup of Pokemon for Trainers. Notably, the stats and growth of Pokemon have been edited. A user-friendly feature is that certain Pokemon can evolve without the need for trading.

When applying the patches, remember to use Heart Gold for the Sacred Gold Patch and Soul Silver for the Storm Silver patch. This ensures the appropriate compatibility and experience with the respective versions of the game.


In Pokemon Sacred Gold ROM ha*k, players can delve into an enriched experience with various new features and alterations from the original game:

  • New Pokemon: The ROM unveils fresh Pokemon species, even from later generations, adding diversity and excitement to the game.
  • Gameplay Rebalance: To offer a novel and distinct gameplay, adjustments have been made to the game’s balance, providing a unique playthrough.
  • Revamped Storyline: Players will immerse themselves in an extended and enhanced storyline, featuring new characters, events, and unexpected plot turns.
  • Improved Graphics: The game boasts upgraded graphics, elevating the visual aspect and contributing to an overall enhanced gaming experience.
  • Extra Content: Diving deeper, the ROM includes supplemental content like additional items, moves, abilities, and even new regions to explore.

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Download Pokemon Sacred Gold Version


  • afcmark15, bossdresser, Joodicator and other friends: For contributing ideas to the hack, as well as helping to test the thing in some cases (not much, but it’s something!)
  • Project Pokémon Forums: Again, for any help you’ve provided regarding HG/SS issues, either to myself or to other people.
  • Alpha and SCV: Although it hasn’t been updated for a while, PPRE is the most important thing needed to create this hack. I appreciate that very much.
  • KazoWAR: His tutorial on inserting sprites in HG/SS was important to insert the steven sprite.
  • Dewgong/Frostbite: For the steven trainer sprite added to the game.
  • Various GBAtemp / YouTube members: For their continuous support and ideas throughout the production of SG/SS.
  • Jhon 591 from Romulation: For his vastly improved HG/SS anti-piracy patch, which means you can play the game on no$gba WITHOUT it crashing every five seconds!
  • Jensei: For beating the game pretty quickly and pointing out bugs in the early versions. I can’t say it looks good on me, but it helped!
  • Early Players: I can’t thank you enough for helping me with all the bugs and I apologize for forcing you to download so many times!

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