Pokemon This Gym of Mine v4.2.3 [Download]

Pokemon This Gym of Mine ROM Download

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Updated OnSunday, July 30, 2023


In this adventure, you commence by selecting your Gym’s Pokemon type and a signature Pokemon that represents you. The guiding figure in your journey is Mayor Dalton, keeping you informed about your advancements and other important aspects of the game.

Your initial task is overseeing “Umbal City” where you’ve assumed the role of the newest gym leader. However, you face a challenging scenario: the city is in disarray due to the formidable boss ahead of you. Your mission is to restore and enhance the city’s condition from its current state of ruin, despite the initial lack of support and skepticism from the town’s inhabitants. The fate of Umbal City rests in your hands, and it’s up to you to lead its revival and prove your capabilities.


At the outset, you’ll observe that the townspeople are gathered in front of vacant areas. Through completing challenges and acquiring blueprints, you can develop these areas, elevating both your standing as a Gym Leader and the city’s overall status.

Gaining the city’s trust necessitates enhancing the Gym’s reputation, achievable by triumphing in battles and making infrastructural advancements. However, a word of caution: consistent losses in battles could result in your dismissal as the Gym Leader.

On the flip side, prevailing in battles against fellow trainers, whether within or outside your gym, boosts your renown. As you accumulate victories and grow stronger throughout the game, you’ll face formidable Gym Bosses in challenging encounters. The more potent the opponent, the greater the reward in terms of reputation points, amplifying your influence within the city.

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