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Updated OnDecember 28th 2022


Pokemon Godra offers a dynamic gameplay experience where your choices and playstyle dictate the path through the region. Developed by dedicated fans, the game is continuously updated, ensuring an evolving adventure.

However, it’s advisable to save regularly due to potential game instability. The intriguing concept of Pokemon Godra promises an engaging and customizable journey in the Pokemon universe, making it a game worth trying for enthusiasts.


In Pokemon Godra, the setting unfolds in the diverse region of Godra, offering players a choice-driven narrative. Your journey’s trajectory is flexible and dependent on your decisions. Opt for the structured path in the heavily controlled West Godra, rising through the ranks as a dutiful soldier. Conversely, begin in the more liberated East Godra, where trainers have more autonomy, paving your unique way.

This flexibility allows for diverse playstyles, whether aspiring to be a top-tier trainer or pursuing various available roles within the game. Pokemon Godra’s allure lies in granting players the freedom to shape their adventure according to their preferences and playstyle.

What To Do

In Pokemon Godra, your ambition is to excel as a top-tier Pokemon Trainer, surmounting various challenges strewn across your path. However, exercise caution in your choices, for rivals and adversaries lurk, their strengths sometimes surpassing your own. Within this realm, fan-made Pokemon games thrive, each offering a unique rendition of the classic tale.

Uniquely, this game provides extensive customization options for nearly every Pokemon character. Unlike previous versions, the customization in this game sets it apart. Utilize incredible skills and powers while personalizing these characters to your liking. Additionally, the Pokedex receives updates, welcoming new Pokemon characters into its digital pages. Many uncharted adventures await, promising new areas for exploration and discovery, enhancing your journey.


  • Choose to start from West or East Godra
  • Carve your own path through the decisions that you make
  • Take up jobs and become a character with a profession
  • 128 Starter Pokemon to get (random/based on answers)
  • Gen 1 to 6 Pokemon available
  • Certain Legendary Pokemon are available
  • Different locations depending on where you area (West or East)

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