Pokemon Kanto Origins [Download]

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Creator DragonsDen/Eric.CC
Updated On2021


Enjoy your Journey through a significantly darker Kanto, where you’ll encounter more formidable challenges. Your aim is to conquer the region.


  • Altered storylines and character interactions with new additions.
  • Added 300-350 new trainers for a total of approximately 740.
  • Engage in optional battles with 8 Hoenn leaders, excluding Vito and Leti.
  • Increased game difficulty with trainers and leaders using 5-6 Pokémon with custom moves designed for more significant challenges.
  • Enhanced Team Rocket’s presence and power in the region, introducing rank divisions.
  • Nine gym leaders to face.
  • Expanded and enriched various locations, including SILPH, Lavender City, Carmin City lighthouse, and Green City.
  • Numerous new events in various locations and the expansion of existing ones.
  • Access to nearly all mega-evolutions, is obtained through leveling (between levels 72 and 95).
  • Pokémon evolve through trading and items now evolve through leveling.
  • Modifications to some Pokémon’s base stats and types.
  • Introduction of approximately 9 new mega evolutions, with 5 available to the player.
  • Team Rocket utilizes artificial experiments and powerful Pokémon, considering type matchups.
  • Experience a Pokémon League filled with surprises.


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