Pokemon Adventures Red Chapter [Download]

Pokemon Adventures Red Chapter GBA ROM Download

CreatorAethestode (Rockmanmegaman)
TypePokemon FireRed
VersionBeta 15 + Expansion Pass Fix C
Updated OnOctober 25, 2020


For optimal gameplay experience in Pokémon Mega Adventure Beta 15, it is advised to initiate a new game.

Regarding emulator compatibility, some emulators might encounter challenges when running the game. Notably, VisualBoyAdvance (VBA, not VBA-m) for Windows and MyBoy! for Android have shown good performance with this game. It’s recommended to use these emulators to ensure smooth gameplay.


  • Updated graphics
  • Red, green, blue and yellow playable
  • Character Customization
  • mug shots
  • day and night system
  • Multiple Regions
  • New battle backgrounds
  • New music
  • The level cap increased to 255
  • Split into physical/special
  • Reusable TMs
  • EV and IV stats checker
  • Mega Evolution
  • Fusion Pokemon


Note: This version contains the Kanto Region and the Orange Archipelago + The Beginning of Elite Four
This will be the final major update for Red Chapter Vol 1. Any future updates will be strictly on squashing game-breaking bugs. Vol 2 is under development.

Download Pokemon Adventures Red Chapter


Aethestode, MrDollSteak, DoesntKnowHowToPlay, Darthatron, Peetzaahhh, Jambo51, JPAN, Danzen the real 1, Soloo993, Thedarkdragon11, Computer Max, xSky, C067912881, Blizzard, Umbralwisp, Ruki, Naren Jr


When is the next update going to be released?

Sadly, The ROM will not be updated anymore. There will be a continuation in the form of volume 2, but that will be a PC fangame.

 Which emulator works best with this ROM?

For Android, you must have MyBoy which seems to work perfectly. For Windows, Visual Boy Advance is recommended.

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