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Pokemon Prism GBC ROM Download Pre-Patched Version

Creator RainbowDevs
TypePokemon Crystal
Updated On August 24, 2023


“Pokemon Prism” is a highly customized mod of “Pokemon Crystal,” set in a previously uncharted region. It introduces novel mechanics not seen in the original franchise, enriching the existing gameplay experience.


“Pokemon Prism” is an extensive ROM hack derived from “Pokemon Crystal,” boasting years of development. Set in the uncharted Naljo region, it offers an array of exciting challenges, characters, and Pokemon to captivate players. From fresh Gym Leaders and Elite Four members to an array of new Pokemon species, the adventure is filled with unique encounters and opportunities for training.

The game’s narrative deviates entirely from the original, immersing players in the role of a fledgling trainer assigned the critical mission of thwarting the infamous Team Rocket’s plot to dominate the Naljo region. As they traverse the region, players will encounter diverse characters and hurdles that test their skills. Infused with unexpected twists, the storyline reinvigorates the beloved Pokemon journey, presenting a dynamic and thrilling spin on the classic formula.

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  • New Region: Explore the uncharted Naljo region, situated south of Johto and west of Hoenn, brimming with fresh towns, cities, and mysterious dungeons.
  • New Storyline: Immerse yourself in a thrilling narrative that revolves around the clash between two rival gangs—the Rocket Gang and the Skyner Gang—unveiling a tale of conflict and intrigue.
  • New Pokemon: Discover 151 new Pokemon, some of which are fan-made (fakemon), adding diversity and novelty to the Pokemon roster.
  • New Gym Leaders and Elite Four: Challenge and conquer new Gym Leaders and Elite Four members, each with their distinctive battle styles and strategies.
  • New Moves and Abilities: Encounter an array of fresh moves and abilities, including exclusive ones tailored for specific Pokemon, amplifying strategic gameplay.
  • Mega Evolutions: Witness the awe-inspiring power of Mega Evolutions, allowing certain Pokemon to undergo temporary transformations, enhancing their capabilities.
  • Day/Night System: Experience a dynamic day/night system influencing in-game events, such as Pokemon encounters and NPC behaviors, offering a dynamic gameplay experience.
  • Multiple Endings: Navigate through choices that shape the game’s outcome, featuring multiple endings based on the decisions made throughout your adventure.
  • Battle Tower: Engage in challenging battles at the Battle Tower, where you can test your skills against other trainers and earn enticing prizes.
  • Online Trading and Battling: Connect with fellow trainers via the online trading and battling feature, enabling interactive gameplay and fostering a sense of community.


Version 0.95.0254 (Hotfix 5)

  • Sage Party Correction: Sage in Route 54 now possesses the appropriate and accurate party composition.
  • Saxifrage Prison NPC Accessibility: Addressed the issue where an NPC was obstructing a door in Saxifrage Prison, ensuring smoother navigation.
  • Clathrite Tunnel Ice/Boulder Puzzle: Improved the Clathrite Tunnel Ice/boulder puzzle to prevent players from getting stuck and experiencing a soft lock.
  • Move Enhancement – Night Slash: Night Slash move is now boosted by the Sharpness feature, providing a more effective battle experience.
  • Move Correction – Counter: Counter now functions correctly, even if the opponent didn’t deal damage in the previous turn, and its behavior is now accurate regarding type matchups, except for immunity.
  • Item Naming and Consistency: Renamed certain items, like Item Finder, ParalyzeHeal, Upgrade, and X Defense, to align with modern naming conventions and ensure consistency.
  • Tri Type Defensive Matchups: Implemented proper defensive type matchups for Tri Type, observable through the use of Conversion.
  • Shininess Display for Pokemon Portraits: Fixed the display of correct shininess for Pokemon portraits in the overworld during various events.
  • Battle Arcade Scoring: Corrected the scoring system for Battle Arcade battles, addressing an issue from the previous build.
  • Shiny and Coloration Fixes for Pokemon: Adjusted the shiny and PC/Pokedex coloring for Blastoise and Caterpie to ensure accurate representation.
  • Move Updates for Goldeen and Seaking: Updated the level-up moves for Goldeen and Seaking to enhance their move sets.
  • Minor Fixes and Adjustments: Implemented various minor text and map fixes to improve overall gameplay and presentation.

Version 0.95.0253 (Hotfix 4)

  • Apricorn Tree Shiny Variant: Apricorn trees now have a chance to yield a shiny Apricorn, adding a new and exciting element to the game.
  • Independent Apricorn Tree Spawns: Apricorn trees containing the same Apricorn now spawn independently, providing a more realistic and varied gaming experience.
  • Visual Improvements in Maps: Addressed visual issues in Oxalis City, Route 64, and Route 74 maps, enhancing the overall aesthetics and clarity of the game.
  • NPC Accessibility in Torenia City Train Station: Ensured the NPC in Torenia City train station does not obstruct the player’s path, allowing for smoother navigation.
  • Item Ball Color Correction: Fixed the color of the TM17 item ball, ensuring accuracy and consistency in item representation.
  • Rings Pricing Adjustment: Rings now have prices that scale based on the level required to craft them, providing a balanced economy within the game.
  • Leppa Berry Functionality: The Leppa Berry now functions correctly both in and out of battle, addressing any prior issues related to its usage.
  • Improved Stats Screen Audio: The stats screen now appropriately plays cries for all Pokemon, enhancing the audio-visual experience for players.
  • Shiny Palette Correction for Spearow: Corrected the color of Spearow’s shiny palette, maintaining accuracy and aesthetic appeal.
  • Minor Text Fixes: Addressed minor text issues, ensuring proper grammar, punctuation, and overall cohesiveness in the game’s text.

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