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TypePokemon Gold
Updated OnFebruary 14, 2014


In Pokémon Bronze, players get to explore the Kohto region, located to the southwest of Kanto and connected to it through an underground path. Kohto is a vibrant region with diverse routes and nine towns. It features the traditional 8 Gyms, which offer slightly higher-level Pokémon than in Gold/Silver, ensuring a more leisurely adventure. Although not all of Kanto is accessible, some areas that were omitted from Pokémon Gold/Silver make a return in Bronze for players to rediscover.

The game’s storyline takes place shortly after the events of Pokémon Gold/Silver. Players and their rival reside in Cartridge Town, situated in the Kohto region, and are on the brink of embarking on their Pokémon journeys. They receive their starter Pokémon, choosing from Charmander, Pichu, or Totodile, from Professor Koa, and also acquire a Pokédex from Professor Oak. The journey commences with the goal of challenging the eight Gyms of Kohto and subsequently participating in the Pokémon League.

However, in the wake of Team Rocket’s dissolution, another mischievous group steps up to create chaos and mischief in the region.


Download Pokemon Bronze ROM

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