Pokemon GS Chronicles GBA ROM [Download]

Pokemon GS Chronicles GBA Rom

TypePokemon FireRed
VersionBeta 2.7
Updated OnMay 25, 2023


The story of Pokemon GS Chronicles draws inspiration from the Generation II games – Gold, Silver, and Crystal. While it’s not a point-by-point retelling, it is set in Johto and includes the classic journey towards becoming a Pokemon Master as a key element.


Renowned Professor Elm has made significant discoveries, including the legend of extraordinary stones that elevate Pokémon to higher levels. In light of this, he entrusts two of his assistants, Ethan/Kris and [Player], to handle these findings and provides them with a Pokémon for this purpose. [Player] is sent to retrieve a package from Mr. Pokemon, but a mysterious red-haired individual steals a Pokémon from the laboratory. Now, accompanied by Ethan/Kris and armed with a Pokedex from Prof. Oak, [Player] embarks on a journey across the Johto region. The goal: complete the Pokedex and unravel the mystery behind the red-haired thief and the stolen Pokémon.


Pokemon GS Chronicles revitalizes the original essence while infusing fresh elements. It embraces newly crafted events unseen in any GSC remake and features meticulously designed maps based on the HGSS counterparts. The Mega Evolution mechanics take center stage in the main storyline, with Z Moves making an appearance during the Kanto Post game, potentially accompanied by Dynamax/Gigantamax mechanics. The RZE tile system offers a modern twist, and a dynamic Day and Night system introduces day/time-based events.

Wild Pokémon vary based on the time of day, showcasing a rich diversity. The game boasts an original soundtrack sourced from HGSS, significantly enhancing the overall audio experience. The Physical/Special split moves and updated Type chart add strategic depth to battles. New puzzles elevate the challenge in various areas, and updated graphics breathe new life into battle backgrounds, bags, Trainer cards, and more.

A revamped Regional Pokedex now includes 494 Pokémon from the first four generations, along with the beloved Sylveon. Introducing PokéRides, a modern alternative to outdated HM mechanics, enhances gameplay. Gen 4-8 moves, custom moves, and a myriad of updated mechanics align with the dynamics of Gen 8.

Intriguingly, trainers sport different rosters from the original HGSS/GSC, carefully curated to match the refreshed Pokedex. Explore new locations in both Johto and Kanto, experiencing the updated battle mechanics mirroring Gen 8. Further, new in-battle trainer messages and an almost functional PokéGear enrich player interaction. The game also offers an Exp. Share and exp. gain system identical to Gen 8, allowing customization for a smoother experience.

Daily Wondertrades with in-game trainers and move tutors available on every PC enhance engagement, fostering an exciting and immersive journey through the revitalized Johto and Kanto regions.


  • A renewed storyline, keeping the essence of the original games.
  • New events never seen before in any GSC remake.
  • Maps based on HGSS ones.
  • Introducing the Mega Evolution mechanics in the main storyline + Z Moves during the Kanto Postgame (Maybe Dynamax/Gigamax, idk).
  • RZE tile system.
  • Day and Night system and day/time-based events.
  • Wild Pokémon switch depending on the time.
  • The original soundtrack was ripped from HGSS (Initially used GogojjTech’s low-quality music, but I decided to rip them by myself with a way better quality).
  • Physical/Special split moves.
  • New Regional Pokedex including 494 Pokémon from first 4 gens + Sylveon.
  • Introducing the PokéRides, Items that replace the outdated HM mechanics.
  • All new Gen 4-8 Moves are included, and a few custom moves are included.
  • The type chart updated.
  • New puzzles for some areas.
  • Plenty of updated graphics (like Battle backgrounds, bags, Trainer cards, almost everything.)
  • Most trainers use different rosters from the original HGSS/GSC to match new Pokedex
  • New locations in Johto and Kanto.
  • Updated battle mechanics to match Gen 8
  • New locations for some Pokémon.
  • IN-battle trainer messages.
  • An almost working PokéGear.
  • Exp. Share and exp. Gain identical to Gen 8 (Item is disabled by default, easy to enable)
  • Mechanics, items, and more are almost updated to match Gen 8.
  • Daily Wondertrade with in-game trainers.
  • Move tutors on every PC.

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